Necessity of Nicotine Drug Test

Nicotine is most commonly used by many people. Long-term nicotine smoking leads to dangerous effects on brain, heart, lungs, and liver. A nicotine test is the test which helps in determining whether a person has consumed nicotine.

Nicotine drug test can be conducted by urine and saliva samples. Drug test nicotine through urine detects the presence of cotinine, a primary metabolite of nicotine, in the sample. However, nicotine can be detected in a saliva test. A cut off level is provided for any drug test which defines the concentration of drug or its metabolites. The standard cut off level for nicotine drug test is 200ng/ml. Many nicotine drug test kits are available in market. These can be used at workplaces, home and any other organizations.

  • Nicotine drug test is conducted by employers to maintain safe workplace. Nicotine smoking by employees arises many problems that affects individual and overall company productivity. So it is necessary for employers to conduct nicotine test. Many organizations conduct pre-employment nicotine tests on job applicants to avoid hiring of nicotine addicted people.
  • Youth are more commonly prone to nicotine addiction. It is necessary for parents to check nicotine addiction among their children. Home drug test kits are used for conducting nicotine tests by parents.
  • Nicotine tests are also conducted at schools. Nicotine smoking students are found to have lack of interest in studies. They are also involved in crime related activities. Therefore, now a days, schools are also conducting nicotine drug tests.
  • Insurance companies conduct drug test nicotine on people who apply for insurance. It is believed that nicotine addicted people are subjected to serious health effects. Therefore, insurance companies conduct nicotine tests to check whether an applicant is a smoker or not. Generally, smokers are subjected to more premiums when compared to nonsmokers.

In addition, nicotine drug tests are conducted at the time of accidents, and many other issues. Various methods of nicotine tests are done based on the situation. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme