Know About Conducting Nicotine Test

Nicotine is one of the drugs, which can be tested to find the use of tobacco. Smoking is the one of the way to take nicotine, which can cause many diseases in smoker. Companies conduct the nicotine drug test, because use of tobacco and it’s products can effect the health of employees, so that may effect the work and productivity of the company.

Cotinine, which is metabolite of nicotine is identified by the nicotine test. In order to measure the cotinine, urine test is the effective way in terms of result, which can detect the cotinine after 3 days of the consumption. Drug test nicotine abuser using saliva test check she or he used it in recent past.

Using cotinine test device is best way to measure the qualitative cotinine detection in the sample of urine. Make sure that such device must be placed on a clean and level surface, before testing. Sample should be taken into the provided dropper, which should be held vertically. Three drops must be transferred into the S part of the test kit. Make sure that there are no trapping of air bubbles in the S part of the test kit.

One must read the interpretations of the results after the five minutes after providing the sample into the test kit. You can see the two ends in the testing kit labeled as C (control line region) and T (test line region). In such ends the coloured labels lines will appear. It is the indication of that cotinine concentration is below cut off level that means negative, if you see the coloured lines appear at the two regions. You can also consider as negative, if there is a faint shade of line in T region. You can consider the positive for cotinine abuse, if there is no coloured line in the T region, but it is in the C region of the testing kit. The test will be invalid, if there is no line appear in the C region. This means incorrect testing procedure.

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