Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Due to rising number of drug abuse cases, organizations are forced to use methods like random drug testing in order to control drug abuse among their employees. However, it is better to avoid recruiting candidates with drug abuse habits instead of spending time and money on monitoring them. Pre employment drug testing is the best way to know if the applied candidate is a drug abuser and thus avoid recruiting him.

It is important to conduct pre-employment drug test before appointing candidates in organizations. Because drug abused employees can cause many negative attributes to the company.

The percent of employees who use drugs is increasing these days. According to the NSDUH, 8 percent of the full time employees who are aged 18 or older used drugs in US in 2009. This number is alarming to the companies who are adopting pre employment drug testing to avoid it among their recruited.

Pre-employment drug testing helps employers to develop a productive and healthy workforce with healthy environment at workplace. Company will not recruit the persons as employees, who use drugs or alcohol. It helps organizations to avoid extra costs that may require to monitor drug abuse or alcohol use of accustomed employees. This will automatically improve the productivity and profit of the company.

In this way pre employment drug testing is helpful for any organization to maintain a healthy and drug-free environment. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme