Different Uses of Towels

A towel is a cloth made of an absorbent material and is used for drying or wiping. There are a variety of towels made of different fabrics and used in a wide range of purposes. A towel is used for various reasons in our daily life. Some uses of towels apart from drying things are:

  • Towels can be used as a medium to sit on, stand on. A towel avoids direct contact to ground, sand etc.
  • Barbers use towels for wiping wet face etc. Steamed towels are placed on people to prepare skin for shaving.
  • Towels can also be used as head dress if the hair is wet.
  • Some towels which are smaller in size than hand towels are used as handkerchief by men and women.
  • They provide a means to cover shoulders to protect from cold conditions.
  • To hold hot objects.
  • Used to mop spillages and clean equipment.

There are a number of uses of towels and benefits depending on the purpose. A towel is used by every person for living comfortably. It should be properly used, kept clean. Replace the towels after a period of time and use new towels.

Updated: April 23, 2013 — 12:22 am
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