Different Glow Stick Products

Glow Stick is a single translucent tube which contains a couple of chemicals which when mixed together emits light. The phenomenon used in glow sticks is called as chemiluminescence, which produces only light with out any kind of heat. Previously the usage of glow sticks was mostly in its original form. They were used directly as glow sticks. However due to the change in the ideologies of people more creative forms of glow sticks are available at present.

Let us have a look on the range of products available in glow sticks.

1. Glow Sticks: These are ordinary Glow sticks which are also called as light sticks. Their sizes varies from 1.5 inches to 12 inches and even more. They emit light for longer hours and are mostly used in emergency situations.

2. Glow Sport Articles: The most popular form of glow sticks are sports articles, which are used for different games. Many products are designed to provide the flexibility of playing the games even during twilight or night times. Especially popular games like golf, basket ball, Frisbee are played using glow products.

3. Glow Jewelery: The latest and most hottest form of glow sticks is glow jewelery. Most of the accessories are available using these glow sticks. They include glow necklaces, glow rings, bracelets, ear rings etc. Apart from these glow bunny ears, glow glasses and glow hair pins are also available these days.

4. Glow Glass ware: This is the most interesting part of glow sticks. Glasses which are used to serve different beverages are attached with mini glow sticks to make them more attractive. Along with the glow glasses, glow stir rods, glow straws and glowing glass jars are also available.

5. Promotional Glow Sticks: These are particularly used for corporate events. Customized glow sticks are great promotional products. They can be used within the logo or promotional text to make it more attractive.

6. Other Products: In addition to the above things many light up toys, decoration articles, glow candles are also available.

These many products of glow sticks have made it a very popular tool which can be used for multi purpose applications.

Updated: April 4, 2012 — 12:48 am
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