Car Brakes Malfunctioning And Maintenance

Brakes are the most essential safety constituent of a car. It is mandatory to keep brakes of car in best condition in order to have security. Many brake problems are generated gradually and these can be identified properly in system before they become serious.

There are many causes for breaks malfunctioning.  Few of them are:

  • If the brakes screech or sound when they are pressed, it can be either the brake pads need to be  changed or the brakes should be cleaned.
  • A soft or slushy brake pedal signifies that the amount of brake fluid is low.
  • When the rear brake lining is corroded, the brake pedal becomes completely down.
  • At times the brakes may pull the car completely to one side. This indicates that brake clearance should be adjusted or there might be lack of enough hydraulic pressure in specific part of the brake system.
  • If the amount of brake fluid level is less, the system displays it by glittering the brake light.  In this case brake fluid should be filled immediately.

Hand Brakes: Hand breaks must be applied only after the clutch is pressed or when the car is on the neutral. This will not spoil the clutch system. When general check up of brake system is done, notches of the hand brake must be checked thoroughly. If the brakes are not effective, then the cable must be replaced.

Level of Brake Fluid: The low level of fluid in brake fluid container might be due to leaks in the brake system. So, this problem must be immediately examined, because driving a car with less amount brake fluid level is dangerous.

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