Know Different Types of Board Games

There are different types of board games available some of them are, chess, carroms, Chinese checkers, scrabbles, risk, connect four, Agricola, etc.

This game is played on board which is in square shape with 64 squares with alternating colors. This game is played nationally, internationally and with families and friends. The game is played among two parties. It has 32 pieces, with two different colors. 16 pieces for one party it may be dark or light color and remaining 16 pieces for other player. The player with white/light color pieces have the chance to move first, it may depend upon the other party to toss a coin or to hide the coins in his hands.

This is the game played by two or four players by dividing into two teams. It consist of one big carrom board with 20 coins including the striker, nine are of black, nine are white, one is red, which is called as queen and the last is acrylic striker which is big in size to hit the other coins. To play this game first of all you need to know the rules. Place the 19 coins in the center of the board with in the circle and use the striker and your index finger to start a game.

Chinese checkers:
This is one of the famous games played among two to six players. The objective of the game is to place the pieces at the corner of the board opposite to their initial positions of a hexagram which is done with moves or jumps over opposite player’s pieces.

The board has hundred and twenty one indentations which are arranged to form a six pointed star like regular hexagram. There are six sets of pieces with six different colors each set contains 10 pieces to fill one of the star-points. The game will rotate among the players in fixed order. For each turn you have make one move either by jumping or else to the adjacent side.

The game scrabble is originally known as Lexico and then criss-cross words. It is a combination of vocabulary skills, anagrams, cross word puzzles, and an element of chance. This game is perfect example for innovation and perseverance. This game is to test you word skills. It is made up of 225 squares (15×15). In which 164 of the squares are normal and the rest of them are with special characteristics such as double letter, triple letter or double word, triple word.

Connect four:
This game is mainly played between two teams. It is based on agriculture and its aim is to create a well-balanced farm by the time the game ends. It contains 14 turns in the entire game. Within these 14 turns the teams need to create a farm.

There is no limitation among the teams and the teams are required to take care of the farms that are initially allocated to each of them. They need to actually create a farm while working as farmers. They are require to collect all the materials that would help you to create and maintain the farm.

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