Symptoms Due to Vitamin-B3 (Niacin) Deficiency

It is common among poor Americans whose intake of food is like corn, molasses and salt pork which all are poor in niacin.

This may result from inadequate dietary intake. The most commonly cause of niacin is alcoholism. The other nutrient deficiencies may also contribute to develop of these deficiency. For instant people with Hartnup’s diseases, heredity disorder resulting in defective, tryptophan absorption, have developed pellagra etc. Some other causes are prolonged treatment with tuberculous drug isoniazed, disorders of digestive system,

The symptoms which can found by deficiency of these vitamin are: Digestive problems, inflamed skin, mental impairment, nervous system. The symptoms in the skin includes, a thick, scaly, darkly pigmented rash develops, symmetrically in the areas which exposed to sunlight. The symptoms related to digestive system include a bright red tongue, vomiting and diarrhea. Neurological symptoms include headache, apathy, fatigue, depression, disorientation and memory loss.

Health Issues:
Niacin is found to be deficient among demographic who are dependent primarily on cereals like corn, wheat, rice etc for nutrition. Its deficiency is because of the lack of capacity to absorb niacin. Drinking alcohol habitually, intake of certain drugs (isoniazid) for tuberculosis and also because of disorder in the digestive system leads to deficiency of niacin.

Sources for Vitamin- B3 Deficiency:
Sources of this vitamin are eggs, diary products, enriched bread and cereals, fish, lean meats, nuts, poultry and legumes

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