Energy Efficient Home Improvements Tips

The home is the largest investment for most of the people. Your home has many things that conserve energy in a large amount. If the energy systems in your home are more than ten years old, you need to consider updating those systems. The new generation of energy efficient systems like environmentally friendly insulation, heating and air systems will help you to make your house more energy efficient and finally it will save money in the form of bills and taxes.

  • Air and heating: According to, cooling and heating of the homes will takes around 56 percent of energy. In a 2000 sq. ft. house will cost between three to five thousand dollars for installing an updated high voltage alternative current (HVAC) system. If any additional work requires it will be around six to ten thousand dollars. It will take several years for homeowners to get return on investment (ROI). Investment on HVAC will become excellent only when you are planned to stay for more than five years or the HVAC system aged over ten years. You can see more savings with this system if you stay with it for more time. With the new systems, you will reduce greenhouse gases and carbon pollution significantly.
  • Doors and Windows: With the improperly fitted doors, a large portion of energy is wasted. If single pane windows are replacing you can save over four hundred dollars per year. The windows replacement can cost around two to four hundred dollars. If you have newer windows, install caulking around the frame it will help to increase your energy efficiency. Adding insulation to your home can be one of the lowest expensive energy efficient investments, and adding this correctly could save around 20 percent on cooling and heating bill. The insulation is one time investment to your home. Once you insulated your home it lasts forever and keep on lower your energy costs.
  • Lighting: Lighting accounts for approximately one fourth of the energy budget even it takes the smallest portion among others. Using LED and compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs will save considerable amount of energy. Initial costs of these bulbs are very high than the traditional light bulbs, but these will more reliable and energy efficient than them.

Most of these energy improvements to your home needs a large initial investment. But you can get greater benefits in the future. The government offers tax rebates for these improvements. Investments on light bulbs and insulation will show you immediate energy savings. But the investments on doors, windows and HVAC systems will take some time to show the results. If you are planning to stay in the home for a period of five or more years, these improvements will be beneficial to you. If you want to sell the house, check how much these can value added to your home.

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