The Importance of Music

Music is a mixture of vocal or instrumental sounds or both combined together to produce a form of beauty, harmony or any expression of emotion in such a way that it calms or enrages ones heart and gives relaxation and peace to one’s brain. It is a form or science of art using different sounds. Music is a form of art that entertains by putting different sounds together in a way that people find it interesting. It is magical and very soothing. It takes a person into a different world and is proven that music has the ability to cure any type of mental disorders and problems when the correct type of music is used to heal. Music to heal mental problems, this practice is called as music therapy. It is believed as the costliest treatment to treat mental problems.

Forms of Music
Most music includes vocal singing along with playing musical instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, drums etc. The word music is originated from Greek (mousukei) which implies the art of muses. One who makes music is called as a musician. Music is a sound that is being organised by using rhythm, melody and harmony. It is different from that of noise. When someone bangs saucepans or plates while cooking, it generates noise. Whereas, when a person bangs the saucepans in a rhythm, it creates a simple type of music. There are many types of music forms. Contemporary music, western music, Indian classical music such as Carnatic music which is originated from south India, Hindustani music which is originated from north India, light music, rock, hip-hop etc are few of them which are popular and learned and practiced by many people around the globe. It is also a cultural activity which is highly respected. People can enjoy music when they listen to it. It is a huge pleasure and a great experience to watch people perform live music concerts. There are many musicians who have received great awards and are being honoured. There are many people who are passionate about music and people who come from a family which has a music background, and go to live concerts for inspiration. Many music festivals are also being organised in which it is performed outside in huge fields or stadiums. Generally, we see many pop festivals happening there. People can also listen to music by using CDs, MP3 players, Ipods. But that trend has gone now. People use their smart phones and ipads to listen to music now-a-days. There is so much music today, in elevators, shopping malls and stores that it almost becomes a background sound that we do not really care.

Music as Career
To have a career in music, or to get started on music, one has to start with learning how to play a musical instrument or can learn vocal music (singing). People can also make music through different websites or different music making apps. For that one has to have general music ethics and understanding capability. They should know how to produce different sounds and mix them properly to create a rhythm and beat. There are many people who are passionate about music. Those people find happiness in doing music and obviously want to have a career in music. Young want to be musicians, no matter how hard they try and how talented they are, don’t get chances or wait for opportunities to showcase their talent. Aspiring musicians should not wait for a chance or an opportunity to be given for them to perform or showcase their talent. Chance or an opportunity should be taken by themselves, because there is internet and many popular social networking sites. Social networking sites can provide a great exposure to one’s talent. Uploading self-made music videos is one option to showcase one’s talents and get recognition. There are many people who became popular by uploading their videos on social sites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. Hence, aspiring musicians should never give up on their dreams.

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