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March 17th, 2014

How to Paint Your Interior Walls for Your Wedding?

by Edwin Rosenthal

Painting is important for wedding as it gives the new look to your home and changes entire look of the rooms and also the feel of the home within a very short period of time and cost. Painting is therefore, a very affordable way to update your rooms with such a small expense.

The tools required for the painting are as follows, the painting brush, house hold cleaner, drop cloths, putty knife, paint roller and paint tray, drywall compound or sparkling, latex interior paint, screw driver etc. Arrange all of them; they are easily available at paint and hardware stores.

Many people think that painting an interior wall is like an easy design fixing and think that painting with a light color needs only one coating, but that will be in rare cases according to the previous paint color, if it is light and same color then it is possible for one coating.

For starting of painting the first thing, you need to do is move all furniture away from the walls and remove wall papers, photos, and any other items which are hanging from the wall. Also remove the electrical plates and the outlet covers. After removing the switch plates replace the screws so that they may not missed or get lost. After that, cover all the flooring with the drop cloths.

Then, the next step is to remove all the dust from the wall and clean the walls thoroughly by using the cleaning solution of household. Then after that rinse them with water and allow them to dry. Then again prime the areas of strains by using the oil based primer. After that repair, remove all the holes of the nails and any other blemishes with the help of the putty knife and compound or sparkling.

Then trim around all the doors, windows, baseboards, and the intersections of the ceilings, also the walls by using the brush. Choose a color of your choice but choose a light color because it not only looks decent but also gives a bright look when you switch on the lights in the evening and you can also decorate nicely on the light colored walls without any risk because the light color will suit for each decorations and even it will look nice after decoration.

Then, start painting the walls from the corners of the top, by using a paint roller and paint tray that should be in down way of the wall. Start painting small sections and began new sections beside the previous, then blend the paint edges together while still wet. Then continue doing quickly so that you may not pause before completing a wall.

After completion of wall, let it dry completely and then you decide whether the second coating is necessary or not. If necessary then repeat the procedure for one more coat. Then finish all the walls in similar manner.

After finishing the painting completely, clean all the brushes, trays, and rollers using warm soapy water. Then remove the drop cloths, so it is better if you leave it for one full day to dry, remove because there may be chances of damaging the furniture and floors. After completely drying, replace the pictures back on the walls.

This is how you should paint your walls for your wedding, hope you will enjoy the painting and feel good and happy at the end.
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September 11th, 2013

Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool in this Summer

by Dov Waxman

In summer, temperature levels gradually raise and every occupant in a house tries to lower the temperature levels inside of a house by using different electronic air cooling devices. But at the same time, some electronic devices raise your electric bills. In order to save money as well as to keep your home cool, follow the below tips.

  • Ceiling fans are the best ones to use in your house for cooling. Even though you run fans continuously daily at optimum speeds, it won’t effect or raise your electric bills. Table fans are also best for you to use to cool your home.
  • Use shades, blinds or drapes in your house to not to allow the heat enter into your house.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs generate more heat when they are lighting whereas compact fluorescent bulbs produce same lighting that of the incandescent bulbs. Internal heat is also responsible for keeping your warm home. So avoid using incandescent bulbs.
  • Consider tinting your windows with reflective films. These windows doesn’t allow heat to enter in your house as well as it doesn’t allow outsiders to watch your interiors.
  • Don’t cook during the hottest day time. Try to cook in early morning or in the evenings. If compulsory to cook in mid-hot days, then try to use vent fan to exhaust hot air.
  • Don’t put heat generating devices nearer to air conditioner thermostat (If you have A/C). It forces air conditioner to to work hard and don’t cool your home efficiently.
  • Have plants or trees on the south or west of your house. These plants keep your home cool in the summer and allows sunlight in winter to keep your home warm.
  • Paint your roof with reflective coat paints. These paints don’t allow to enter sunlight onto the bottom of the room. Thus your home stays cool.

Following these tips will help you to beat heat in this summer.

November 1st, 2010

Know About Different Ideas for Room Painting

by Andrew Veazey

Ideas for room painting are very easy. You can choose a perfect color according to your home style and size by following some ideas. In the first glance, it may be difficult to find a color for a space. If you have less color choices then you need to consider other things which help you to find a perfect wall color. There are few room painting ideas, such as:

Accent walls: You can make a great statement in your room by an accent wall. Two complementary colors can be chosen, such colors should be dark and light shades of the same color or neutral and bold colors to be mixed together. Rooms seem to be longer because of accent walls. Use the bold colors to the space which is first wall when you see while entering into a room.

Texture: Sometimes though you choose bold colors for a wall, but it will look like plain or flat. Life can be brought to the room by texturizing your walls with any faux painting technique. Your wall can be texturized beautifully by venetian plaster, granite paint or stippling.

Optical illusions: A difference can be brought into a room by using different colors. Color can make a room beautiful. Different colors and tones are visualized by the eye and brain in different ways. Conversation can be painted in rich, warm colors to create a beautiful environment.

You can follow some tips while painting:

  • Before choosing a color for your home, you need to paint a small section of the wall to finalize the color.
  • You can try a faux painting technique on a piece of plywood and see whether it is suitable before choosing it.

These are the different room painting ideas. You may get an idea about different color combinations and painting the room.

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