Challenges faced in SOA adoption

Service Oriented Architecture facing the most important and common challenge is managing services metadata. SOA based environments can include a lot of services which exchange messages to execute tasks. Depending on the design, a single application may produce millions of messages. Managing and providing information on how services interact is a complex task. Another challenge provides the suitable levels of security. Security model built into an application can be suitable more when the possibilities of the application are exposed as services which can be employed by other applications. That is application controlled security is not the model for securing services A number of new technologies and standards are emerging to provide more appropriate models for security in SOA.. See the entry of safety of SOA for more information. While SOA by the characteristics are increased, updated and constantly refined, there is a lack of skilful people to work on the systems based by SOA, including the integration of services and construction of services infrastructure.

Interoperability is another important aspect in the implementations of SOA. The WS-I organization developed the basic profile (BP) and Basic Security Profile (BSP) to impose compatibility. Testing tools have been designed by WS-I to help assess whether web services are conformant with WS-I profile guidelines. Additionally, another Charter has been established to work on the Reliable Secure Profile. There is significant vendor hype concerning SOA which can create the hopes which cannot be accomplished. The piles of product always evolve/move while the early adopters examine the products of development and execution time with real problems of the world. SOA does not guarantee reduced costs, agility improved of systems or time of arrival at the faster market. The successful achievements of SOA can realize some or all these advantages according to the quality and the relevance of the architecture and the design of system.

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