Which is the Best Place for Getting Your Car Serviced

Most of the people are fond of cars, and they purchase the cars. But after the process of purchasing, they are not aware of maintaining the car. Maintaining the car means making your car serviced. Generally, there are two ways for getting a car serviced. Doing at the dealerships or at the mechanics or the individual repair shops.

Technicians: Technicians at the dealerships are specialists. They get the manufacturer training. Apart from the service staff, there are even the service managers who can provide the suggestions. Manufacturers will give training to the technicians only at the dealerships. Dealers will pay the manufacturers for conducting these type of programs. The best dealers will have the technicians with both certified by the dealers and by the automotive service excellence.

Personal relationships: Although, personal relationships are less at dealerships when compared to independent shops, services which are provided will be high when compared to local shops. As the independent small repair shops will be small, the mechanic can remember you. Although, the dealer or the technician may not remember you, if you mention the problem correctly then your car may get serviced easily.

Location and convenience: Although, the location of the repair shops is very nearer to your location, the dealerships are much preferred because the the departments will provide a shuttle back at your office or at your house. Even for the luxury cars, the loaner cars will be provided to the customers if the car is being serviced at the service center.

Work: Guarantee on the work will be more for the dealerships rather than the local repair shops. The service of the car will be done at any center of the dealership.

Customer satisfaction will be more in dealership than the local shops. Apart from the above advantages, the customers are also provided with many facilities using the dealership centers for getting your car serviced.

Updated: December 9, 2015 — 3:16 am
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