Using CT Scan For Dental Implantation

Computerized Tomography scan is also known as Computerized Axial Tomography. Scan machines are being used in the field of medicine since long time. The picture of cross sections of any part of body can be taken by the CT scanners. Those cross-sections, which are called as slices are displayed on a computer monitor and they are also displayed by the digital photography.

Usage of CT scanners became popular in medical treatments especially in dental treatments. Dental implantation is one of the dental treatments. Many recent advancements have made dental implantation faster and less invasive. Providing the new teeth to people who have lost one or more due to failed root canals, periodontal disease or others, is called as the dental implantation. Person loses up the 60 percent of the bone surrounding the tooth, with in a year of losing it. Oral surgeons can locate optimal implantation sites in the jaw, can do the implant surgery, even though there is severe bone loss, by using new techniques. Dentists can locate the best spot for the implant by using CT scanners. They can avoid placement near other implants. There is no need to cut the patients’ gum open to find proper implant sites.

Dentist screws the titanium posts into the jaw and attaches the new teeth to them, after finding the best spot to place the implants. Slowly the new bone starts to grow around the tooth. Dental implantation is an effective method to people who lost teeth. They can enjoy by having teeth again. CT scan is useful and it is cost effective as well, so one can get cheap CT scan i.e., at lower cost.

So in this way CT scan can make the dental implantation effective treatment, by providing flexibility. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme