Know How to Determine Nanny Salaries

When you decide to hire a nanny for your children, it is important to consider the nanny salary. The salaries of a nanny vary based on geographical locations, hours worked per week, and the experience standards. Taxes and salary requirements are to be decided based on the current federal and state laws and regulations.

  • You can ask other families in your local area about the salary that they pay for their nannies. Also take help from nanny referral agencies to know the current rate of salaries. Check online resources in order to gather information of nanny salaries of various states.
  • A nanny salary is also based on the place where you live. In urban areas where higher cost of living is seen, nanny salaries are higher. The salaries are lower in suburban or rural areas.
  • If you hire a live-in nanny, you should adjust the salary by considering the room and board. If you hire a live-out nanny who has a car, then you need to pay a higher salary.
  • When your nanny is responsible for additional activities such as housekeeping or cleaning in addition to the childcare, then you should pay accordingly.
  • A nanny having high level of experience is paid higher salary.
  • You need to consider some extra factors for determining a nanny salary. If your nanny is trained in CPR and first aid or specialist in teaching your children, then you need to pay her an extra fee.
  • Salaries of a nanny are also based on the number of children that she takes care.
  • Determine salaries of a nanny based on the number of hours they work. The salaries of a part-time and a full-time nanny are different.

Nannies are your employees. So you should ensure that a fair salary is given to your nanny. Also know that the salary reflects the responsibility of caring your children.

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