Know About the Working of Barcode Time and Attendance System

Manual systems are labor expensive and by using manual systems there is much possibility of mistakes taking place. Barcode time and attendance systems are found to improve payroll accuracy and efficiency, reduce errors that can cause regulatory trouble, eliminate fraud and paperwork storage requirements.

Working of the system
This system is made up of 3 parts

(1) Data Collection Devices:
By using fixed and movable corded barcode scanners, time and attendance data can be captured with an ID card that has the employee number in a barcode. A fixed scanner is like a time clock, so the device itself can be programmed to update the time and attendance database appropriately.

To capture detailed operation data, the employee will use a barcode scanner attached with a cord to a PC or other computer running the time and attendance software. The software sequences the input data and updates the time and attendance database appropriately.

(2) Data Collection and Storage Computers:
When the employee scans a barcode, the data of the employees is transferred to a PC running the time and attendance software. Normally, the individual PC’s will be attached to a computer network. The data updates to a database stored on either a company server or a shared file area on a specific computer.

(3) Barcode Time and Attendance Software:
Time and Attendance software is the most important thing in a barcode Time and Attendance system. The success of the system depends on selecting this software which improves the rate of return. Most manufacturers offer free demo programs to evaluate.

With the combination of all the above systems, the barcode time and attendance software is applied to give maximum output.

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