How to Choose the Color of Roofing Shingles?

The appearance of the roof of your house can be made elegant with roof shingles. Different types of roof shingles including asphalt, clay, slate, ceramic, wooden and metal are available. So you have a wide range of selection. However, the most important thing you need to consider when adding roofing shingles is the color. A right color should be selected that makes your roof look beautiful.

It is essential to consider the paint color of the house exterior when choosing the color of roofing shingles. The wall color of your house has an effect on the color of shingles. If your exterior paint is grey, then it is also good to choose grey-colored roofing shingles. Dark-colored shingles can match for neutral-colored exteriors. If your exteriors include rock or stone finish, then colors like grey, white or maroon can be chosen.

The color of the shingles also depends on the climatic conditions of your region. If you live in colder regions, then shingles of dark colors should be chosen. Different shades of dark colors including dark grey, deep green or deep blue can be used. Dark-colored shingles absorb more heat and hence, keep your home warmer during colder months. So, any snow that is accumulated on the shingles get melted.

Whereas, if you live in hot areas, it is better to choose shingles with light colors. White-colored shingles are most effective as they prevent heat transfer. However, they may not provide much attraction to your home. So, you can choose grey shingles or those with flecks of white in them.

Consider the type of shingle you wish to use and check for the availability of the color of shingles. From the different choices, opt the one that best matches with your exteriors.

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