Green Tea – Healthy Drink for Teeth and Gums

Green tea is known to provide many health benefits like reducing risk of heart diseases, losing weight and so on. One of the interesting benefits is the maintenance of teeth and gum health. It ensures better breath, gum health, cavity prevention, less tooth loss, and cancer control.

As green tea is only dried and is not brewed, its natural compounds remain intact. Specific compounds such as catechins help control inflammation and fight bacterial infection. The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea prevent inflammation of gums and hence, periodontal (gum) diseases are controlled. The specific compounds in green tea also prevent adherence of plaque to the teeth. Dental plaque is a pale yellow colored film that is formed by colonization of bacteria on teeth. Plaque formation is the main factor that initiates a sequence of dental problems. However, bacterial infection can be controlled by green tea. This helps prevent other dental problems like cavities, tooth loss, etc. As microbial growth is controlled, the acidity of saliva is reduced. So, even dental cavities can be prevented.

The active elements of green tea are antioxidants – compounds which kill cancer cells and also prevent tumor growth. So, the healthy drink can slow the progression of oral cancer and prevent it. Green tea also ensures better breath as it kills bacteria that make out mouths stinky. Certain green teas may have fluoride (from the leaves and the water it’s steeped in). It helps in protecting tooth enamel from decay. Hence, make a habit of having green tea once a day at least to enjoy dental and overall health. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme