Minimizing The Risks in Driving with Eyes off the Road

The risk factor
Driving is a very responsible job and is a skilled one. Apart from the need of getting the things and people from one place to another, safety is a major issue. The driver can compromise with the safety levels if he keep his eyes off from the windscreen for small things like picking up a mobile phone, looking at the fuel gauge, etc. Unfortunate things can happen in blink of an eye. Many vehicles in the market do not provide provisions in this effect. The premium vehicles are coming up with such provisions only recently.

Vocal recognitions and commands
This is a very innovative feature in assuring that the driver do not divert his vision off road as this can lead to serious implications. This technology posses the skill of authenticating the owner and performing certain actions in response to his commands. The systems can be trained to deliver on the commands and recognize voice through audio processing. The driver can summon certain actions like calling for diagnostics on the AR windshields. He can also switch on the radios with simple voice commands and also turn on AC or shuffle radio channels. This is an impressive approach in mitigating the risks associated with divergence of vision off road.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality is the new face of windscreens. In the future, all the windscreens will be most probably replaced by AR windscreens. AR windscreens can display information without compromising the visibility of the driver right in front of the eyes. Augmented reality windscreens can be helpful to a great deal in smart vehicles by displaying collision alerts, GPS maps, path projections and be helpful in enhancing the night vision and pedestrian detection techniques. Alternatively he can have various touch controls on the windscreen through which he can perform certain operations.

Hands-free for safety
Hands-free is a decent option to choose if it is inevitable to answer a call while driving. The feature disengages one hand to operate over the phone so that he can put his both hands to the cause of driving. Recent cars have inbuilt hands-free systems to avert the risks of talking over phone while driving.

A safe future
Earlier cars posed the indispensable risk of looking off road for gauge checks and other activities like shuffling radio channels, turning the AC and looking over messages in phone. Cars today are pioneering in the wake to avert such distractions while driving. This is an commendable initiative by the manufacturers and is all set to make the future of driving even more safe.

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