School Bus Safety for Children

The safety rules and regulations for school buses come in the light of the fact that they are being used for carrying children. This makes their objective for safety even more important. All the safety measures for the buses should be made keeping in mind the safety of the children. A school bus driver is the person responsible for the safety of the passenger children. Hence he should be conscious towards it and adhere to safe driving only. His mistakes can take toll on many innocent children traveling in his bus. So taking into consideration the delicateness of the situation, the driver must ply the bus with utmost safety measures.

Guidelines for bus drivers

  • It is important for the driver to restrain the kids with seat belts as much as possible. A seat belt should be used for a single child only and multiple kids should not be restrained by a single seat belt.
  • The driver should ensure giving proper pauses for the bus at the stop when children board or get down the bus.
  • Children should not be allowed to sit in the front rows and anywhere near the driver. They can distract the driver from the road. Children must be made to remain calm and not make noise that may distract the driver’s attention off the road.
  • The school buses should avoid close quarter clearances from other vehicles and other vehicles are also advised to maintain adequate clearances from a school bus. This is in the mutual benefit of both the parties. The driver should get his side mirrors adjusted to get the view of other vehicles overtaking the bus from either sides.
  • Doors of the vehicles should be closed properly. Though they should not be locked. Routine emergency drills must be rehearsed and children be made wary of the emergency exits in the bus and the way to use them.
  • Children should be asked to keep their body parts like head and hands inside the bus only and avoid protruding them from the windows. This can be dangerous as vehicles tend to pass by close in dense traffics. The driver should ensure this by using the side mirrors.
  • Vehicle must be checked regularly before the job for any anomalies and the bus should be ensured in perfect condition. A GPS system should be installed in school bus through which the movement and speed levels of the bus can be continuously tracked.
  • Driver of the school bus should be well experienced driver and should be mentally and physically fit. He should be responsible enough with a clean track record and should not be drunk or drowsy while driving bus.
  • The driver of the school bus should follow the road safety rules strictly and should be very cautious while crossing railway crossings. He should watch out on both sides before moving ahead.

These are very basic things but play a very crucial role in ensuring the safety of children in a school bus. Additionally a school bus driver should be aware of the fact that he is carrying children and it is a responsible job.

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