Benefits of Having Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address has more direct and indirect benefits as compared to the shared IP address. Only a few hosting plans provide you a dedicated website monitorIP address. But, it is not that all hosting plans offer a unique IP address. It means, in case of shared hosting, you will not have a dedicated IP address for your website, rather your IP address is shared with a number of other websites. Sharing IP address sometimes may create problems, while the dedicated IP address offers you many benefits. To know them in detail, read the following information.

You can have your own private SSL certificate
Private or dedicated SSL certificates are required and important for some e-commerce websites especially for accepting the online payments. It also shows the credibility of the site. This advantage is not possible in case of shared hosting, where shared SSL certificate is provided leading to some security issues.

Security is the major problem in the shared IP address; because, if your website has the shared IP address, it may get affected with virus or malware from other website sharing the IP. Thus, it makes your site unreachable. Apart from this, it also leads to the false alarms against your site. Your site may lack the credibility and trust as the modern browsers have the capability of showing the message, “This site may harm your computer”, leading your site to lose the credibility.

Speed and performance

There is a possibility that – in shared hosting, allocation of resources may or may not be equal for all the websites. This may lead your website to slowdown. However, it also doesn’t mean that having the unique address boosts the speed and performance. But, having dedicated IP will ensure higher uptime of your website i.e., you will have less down time and it doesn’t reduce the performance of your website, as the site doesn’t share the IP with other websites on the server.

Remote accessibility
Having the unique static IP address makes it possible that you can access your website from any place in the world. You can just login from any place of your choice and access your site. Though the connection is up, it is mandatory to have a static IP. Also, it is necessary to maintain it; otherwise, the program will not identify, if your PC refreshes the dynamic address.

Protects from spam and blacklist
In shared IP, you will have the problems of spamming and scamming, as your IP will be shared with various other sites; and sometimes IP may get banned by the internet service provider (ISP) because of these issues that in turn affects all the sites sharing that particular IP, their businesses, their reputation, etc. But, if you have the dedicated IP, you will not have such problems of being affected by other sites. The ultimate significance is – it will be completely dedicated to you and you alone have the sole authority.

Better identity for your site
If you have a dedicated IP address, you can have your own SSL certificate, which proves the identity of your website among the customers. Customers may not trust those sites especially that share the SSL certificates. It is most common for the e-commerce sites. So, having dedicated IP address makes your services easier and convenient for your customers.

These are the few benefits that your website will have if you have a dedicated IP address.

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