How to Determine Best Quality Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets are used almost in all the houses and in some commercial places like hotels, airways and in some hospitality departments. People always look for quality when it comes to comfort. Different products have different ways of testing their quality and this applies for bed sheets too. Since they are making us and our guests feel more comfortable while sleeping it is necessary to buy best quality bed sheets. The point here is how to determine the quality of bed sheets.
There are few factors which will let you know about the quality of bed sheets. Let us check what they are.

Thread Count: Generally people tend to go for cotton whenever they want to purchase a bed sheet. So the quality of these cotton sheets depend upon the thread count of the fabric. That is the number of threads used in weaving the fabric. It is counted per square inch from both the sides of the fabric. You can find this thread count on the label of the bed sheet. The higher the thread count, the greater will be the quality of the fabric. Bed sheet with thread count above 250, but not below 175 is treated as the best quality cotton bed sheet.

Weight: Weight of the fabric also determines the quality of the bed sheet. But this principle belongs to only fewer fabrics like flannel. Flannel sheets are measured by weight per square yard of fabric. Quality flannel sheets should be less than 4 oz. per square yard. In this case also, the higher the weight the better will be the quality. As the weight increases follows the softness of the fabric.

By Touch: Apart from the tread count and the weight of the fabric there are some other factors which affect the touch of the fabric. The weaving, dying and yarn processes tells us the quality even when we touch the fabric with our hand. Whenever we touch the fabric you should feel the softness and smoothness of the fabric. The more softer the fabric is the greater the quality of the sheet will be.

These are simple things with which anybody can easily find and choose a better quality bed sheet. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme