Know About Different Types of Job Recruiters

Recruitment and the selection of the right candidate is the main function of the Human Resource department in the organization. Companies seek the help of job recruiters for getting a right candidate for the vacancies in the company. Job recruiters also guide the applicants in the right direction when looking for a job.

Below are the different types of job recruiters who help both the employers and the candidates looking for jobs:

Contingency Recruiters:
Contingency recruiters work for staffing firms, employment agencies and these type of recruiters help the employers to fill their job openings with the best candidates. These recruiters concentrate on specific industry and skill set like, engineers, IT, health care, etc. Employers pay for them if they hire the candidate presented by the recruiter.

Retained Recruiters:
Generally companies comes to these recruiters when they need to fill the positions of a senior level executive, such as vice presidents and chief executive officers. Client companies pay a part of the fee before hand and pay the remaining after the hiring. These type of the recruiters work until the client hires someone or decides to stop using the recruiter’s services.

Corporate Recruiters:
Corporate recruiters are usually a part of a human resources department with in the organization. Corporate recruiters can earn salaries or have a contract with the hiring company and they are called as in house or internal recruiters.

Outplacement Recruiters:
An outplacement recruiter works for a company that offers assistance to individuals downsized from their previous employment. Outplacement recruiters also provide services such as resume writing and they also helps the candidates in preparing for interviews and provide career guidance.

These job recruiters are very much important for organization and also for candidate. Hence, the services of these recruiters can be used based on the need by both of them.

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