Why is Health Insurance a Necessity in Today’s Environment

Most of the people who are healthy think that, why should I spend money on health insurance? They think that health insurance is something that they need only when they are ill or grow old. However, the truth is that, health insurance protects you in case you become seriously ill or meet with an accident.

In today’s environment, the expenditures of taking care of personal and family’s health has increased due to the increased inflation in hospital or medical bills. In present days, where hospital and other medical expenses such as the cost of medicines are skyrocketing and health care has become very expensive. Health care also includes many surgeries, tests and scans. These all increase the over all cost of health care. At present most of the countries are facing global warming, this is the big challenge for human life to save their health diseases. Due to all the reasons, it becomes necessary to have health insurance policy.

Health insurance not only covers the hospital charges, but it can also provide the benefits for you from various concerns. Such as, long term medical expense benefits, scan and diagnosis expenses benefits and also tax benefits.

There are many reasons that tells the necessity of health insurance are:

  1. If you do not have health insurance at present, you are paying all expenses for your health problems from your pocket. At certain time the expenses become over burdening for you or suddenly you may need an emergency surgery which costs high amount. In such times, if you do not have enough money ready for the treatment, it may lead to severe consequences. Hence, having a health insurance, will benefit you in these times.
  2. For example, you loss your current job due to some reason and your father or your dependant need an medical assistance. You do not have the income source, even then you have to pay some medical bills for your dependent. It might be very risky for you, hence, if you hold an health insurance, it will assist you whenever you loose your income.
  3. If your old parents or one of your dependents need medicines over long term to cure their health problem and the cost of medicines are very high. Example, medicines such as, insulin injection or some one who needs continuous meditation to keep living, these are very expensive. In such conditions, we cannot pay money for these health costs out of our pocket for long time, therefore, having a health insurance protects you from these cases.

Due to all the above reasons, health insurance is a must.

Updated: December 24, 2013 — 3:57 am
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