Your Car Brakes: Symptoms of Failure

For many people, the car is a dream vehicle and it carries valuable cargo. The braking system is one of the most important safety parts of the car. If it is not functioning well, your car has wear and tear. Neglecting your braking system could lead to increased repair costs, or worse, no brakes at all.

You can prevent this by just paying attention to the signs of brake wear which could trouble you. Taking care of right maintenance you save money, and keeping your car away from troubling you. It is, therefore, necessary to find out whether brake system is not functioning well so that you could take immediate course of action to prevent severe wear and tear.

Below are some of the symptoms indicating failure of brakes:

  • If you find any noise coming from braking system, it is indicative of the need to take care of. Mostly the noises produced by the brakes are grinds and squeaks.
  • If you are hard to stop the car, it indicates
    • Poor braking performance.
    • Loss of brake pedal.
    • Excessive drag during acceleration.
  • If brake pads are wear out to a certain point, there is a need of replacing the brakes.
  • Fading of low brake pedal is also one of the causes of failure of brakes because this happens due to the leakage in the system or air entered into the brake linings.
  • Suppose you feel as if you have been pulled to one side, it indicates that you either have a damaged brake line, or worn or uneven brake linings.
  • Always check the master cylinder to assure fluid at the right level because it is a reservoir for brake fluid.
  • If you find any damage in the brake lines, replace them with new ones.
  • Always clean the road grime, dirt, salt and other elements on the brake calipers. If it is not done, it will lead to a failure in the brake system.
  • Sometimes faulty steering is the result of worn out wheel bearings.

Longer pedal travel, increased braking distances, bad smell coming after coming to a hard stop, not stopping the vehicle at a desired place are some of the symptoms of brake failure. © 2008 - 2017 Frontier Theme