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June 2nd, 2011

Know How To Take Care of Your Bed Sheets

by Jonathan Cogley

Bed Sheets are very common kind of clothing which we find in each and every household. They entirely change the look of our bed room and make our bedding even more comfortable with a soft and smooth touch. So when they are providing such a nice room to sleep it is important for us to maintain them neatly and properly. A dirty bed sheet never makes you happy even though it looks stunningly beautiful.

Let us see some tips on how to care your bed sheets.


  • Prefer Luke warm water to wash your bed sheets since the warm water cleans the sheets with out hurting the fibers of the sheet.
  • Don’t use strong detergents as they vanish the color of the fabric.
  • Do not fix the white sheets with the colored ones while putting them in the washing machine.
  • Unless your sheets are dirty always use gentle mode for washing in machines.
  • Don’t add any bleaching agents as they weaken the fiber of the fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly until the detergent completely leaves the fabric.


  • Place the sheets in the dryer immediately after the washing process is over.
  • Over drying may cause your sheets to wrinkle. So never do it.
  • After drying if you still find any wetness allow them to dry in the sun and fold it immediately once they are dried completely.
  • For a better texture you can even iron them.


  • Make sure that the cupboard in which you are storing your sheets is free from any sort of germs and moisture.
  • Clean your cupboards regularly so that your bed sheets will be more safer.
  • See that they will be exposed to sunlight at least once in a while.

Besides all these it is good if you change your bed sheets weekly once whether they are dirty or normal. These caring techniques improves the life of your blankets and provide you with healthy bedding.

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April 24th, 2011

Highest Natural Standards Provided by Organic Bed Linen Collections

by Jonathan Cogley

Hotels maintain their standards by providing the best linen. Wholesale linen purchase is advantageous for hotels. In order to provide luxurious nature to the linen, hotels have been using high quality textile products. Hotels may do anything for providing satisfaction to the customers.

It is necessary for hotels to offer sustainable luxury and style without getting compromised on ethical issues. Use of original and bespoke luxury organic cotton bed linen collections can be the solution for maintaining high natural standards. A fine quality 100% certified organic cotton with high thread counts of up to 475 can be used for providing high standard luxury bed linen. A soft and silky feel is given by organic cotton bed linen. The other benefits of using organic cotton bed linen is that it is cool and comfortable. Luxurious satin finishes can be made to the linen giving a good look. Many bed linen suppliers offer linen of luxurious standards which are eco-friendly in nature.

For maintaining the purity of the fabric and to maintain an environmentally positive impact, certified organic linen can be used. Innovative designs and rigorous testing quality improve the standard of linen collections. Both contemporary and traditional hotel bed rooms can be enhanced by the beautiful and original duvet designs, and provision of matching bedroom essentials. In addition, use of eco-friendly laundering can help in improving the bed linen standards. Certain herbatergents can be used to avoid the problems that arise due to chemical detergents. Use of herbatergents also provide natural and pleasant smell to the linen.

Attractive colors and combinations of linen can be provided for the linen to maintain the luxurious nature.

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April 19th, 2011

Know About Benefits of Using Silk Pillow Covers

by Jonathan Cogley

It is better for the hotel management to invest on silk pillow covers as they are more beneficial than any other pillow covers. Following are the benefits the management of the hotel can offer to their guests by using the silk pillow covers:

Skin Care:
Cotton, linen, polyester fabrics have high absorbency rates and absorb the water from the body when guests sleep on these pillows. In recent studies it is found that after sun damage the biggest reason for ageing is sleeping on these type of pillows. By using the pillows made up of silk the hotel management can protect the guests from these problems because silk proactively retains moisture and soft nature of the fibers provides a smooth base.

Dust mite is a key allergen that increases the symptoms of asthma and allergy. Silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic and they repel mites that commonly live in bedding. Silk contains the amino acid Sericin which holds an anti acarid property to prevent the growth of mites and mold.

Hair Care:
From the olden days silk is used to increase the shininess and quality of hair. The proteins and anti frizz in silk pillowcases will ensure that the hair looks more beautiful and also sleeping on silk pillows reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture by preventing osmosis.

Cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk and natural silk is resistant to mold and mildew.

Silk is naturally a fire retardant and it can be used in hotel bedding and it is suitable best for babies and children.

Easy Care:
The silk pillow covers are easy to maintain and wash, this fabric has a nature of fast drying.

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December 22nd, 2010

Purchase Bed Linen Online to Match Your Bedroom Decor

by Debbie Harry

Now a days, online shopping has become popular, because it has many advantages. One can purchase from any store in the world right from his or her home. It saves time and money while shopping.

Bed linen is the cloth which is made with linen. Some times you may not find stylish and fashionable bed linen in common stores. Then you can go for online shopping. There are many types online shopping malls. If you want to purchase in bulk, then can go for wholesale linen suppliers.

You can find different colors and designs and new models through online shopping malls. But the important thing is you need to search for the reputable online bed linen suppliers. Because there is high chances of being cheated in online shopping.

You can get the bed linen, which is the best match for your bedroom decor through online without wasting more money and time while shopping.