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April 23rd, 2011

Know About Types of Shower Curtains

by Jonathan Cogley

In earlier days curtains are used to block the sunlight entering the home and to provide privacy. But today they are also used as decorative items. While choosing the shower curtains consider the element of safety along with the features like design and color. There are many types of the shower curtains available in the market based on the material used and which offer many benefits. Those varieties are here under:

Vinyl Shower Curtains:
Vinyl shower curtains are inexpensive and water proof in nature. They are durable and come in variety of themes. If there are children in the home it is better to use vinyl shower curtains as they are opaque and provide clear vision if the kid is showering. Vinyl shower curtains comes in two grades that is classic version and the heavy duty vinyl.

Hemp Shower Curtains:
Hemp curtains are made up of heavy fabric, they are resistant to bacteria, virus, molds and soap scum resistant. It is also better for the health as the hemp is usually grown organically and colored with natural dyes. Other advantage is that the hemp shower curtains do not require lining.

Fabric shower curtains:
These curtains are permanent additions for a bath room and increases the decoration of the bath room. These are made up of different materials like cotton, nylon, or terry cloth. These soft curtains hang more like window curtains. Fabric shower curtains may not have enough air circulation to dry out between showers in a high use bathroom. These fabric curtains require a liner which allows the curtains to look beautiful on the outside, but functional on the inside of the shower or bath.

From the above said shower curtains, any curtains which best suits your need can be selected.

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April 22nd, 2011

Types of Curtain Hooks and Their Benefits

by Jonathan Cogley

It is important to buy a hook that is suitable for the curtain and this can be done by examining the top of the curtain before purchasing the hook. Curtain hooks are inexpensive ways yo make a window look stylish and they can be used as decors. Hooks are used to hold the curtains or used to hold a curtain rod. There are different types of curtain hooks available in the market which are used to hang the curtains and those are given below:

Clip Rings:
Curtains are attached to the curtain rods with the help of clip which is at the bottom of the ring. Curtains are attached by clipping. Clip rings are rings that slide onto the rod.

Heading Hooks:
A heading hook is used as an end hook and it is used to hold curtains in an upright position.

Two Prong Hooks:
The curtains which have pleating tape can be hanged by using two prong hooks and the tape has two pockets to insert the prongs into.

Four Prong Hooks:
Four prong curtain hooks give a pinched pleat look to curtains without any sewing and the prongs can be inserted into the curtain heading and can get instant pleats.

Valance Pin:
It is a large and rounded hook and it is designed to slide over valance rods that are flat or round.

S Hooks:
These type of hooks drape over a rod and the bottom of the hook inserts into a button hole at the top of the curtain.

These various kinds of hooks are used to keep the curtain intact. As curtains add beauty tot he room, proper care should be taken in fixing them.

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April 21st, 2011

Benefits of Curtain Patterns if You Can Sew

by Jonathan Cogley

In olden days curtains were used to block the sunlight entering the home and also to provide privacy from the neighbors. But today they are used as decorative items and you need to buy the curtains which suits your needs. Curtains are available in a wide range of varieties in the market and you can make them more attractive by sewing on your own. Following are the several benefits you can get if you are able to sew your own curtains:

  • You can stitch the the patten which suits your room by selecting the right color fabric if you can’t find the pattern you wanted in the market.
  • By sewing your own curtain, you have plenty of choices that you might not find in the market with regard to the type of material.
  • If you are shopping for shelf drapes you need extra style, there are many different styles that involve the type of rod you will need, the type of pleats, the cut, and every other element that contributes to the overall style.
  • If you sew your own curtains and drapes, you definitely save money because raw materials are cheaper than the ready made products and you can save labor costs.
  • If you sew your own curtains you don’t have to worry about the size of the window because you can sew according to the size of the window.

With all the above benefits in sewing curtain, one should actually learn this art.

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April 20th, 2011

Different Types of Curtain Rods Used in Hotels

by Jonathan Cogley

The curtain rod depends on the type of the curtain to be hanged. There are many types of curtain rods present, each having its own way of attaching to the wall or to the window trim. It is very important for the hotel managers choose a right type of curtain rod to please the guests. Following are the different types of the rods that can be used in the hotel rooms:

Standard Rods:
Standard curtain rods fit into a sleeve at the top of the curtain and they are light weighted because they are made from aluminum. These are installed on two simple plates having hooks on them, which gets attached either to the wall or the window trim and are available in various lengths and widths.

Traverse Rods:
These rods are mostly used with pinch-pleated curtains, have rope and hangers built into them. The draperies are hung by placing a drapery pin through the pleat and then hanging the hook on the hanger of the rod. They also come as double rods for the purpose of installing sheers underneath.

Decorative Rods:
Decorative curtain rods are available in vinyl, wood and all kinds of metals. These are like poles and hang on special matching decorative wall hangers.

Spring Rods:
These can be easily installed, these are available in different lengths and they normally have two rubber ends that are braced against the wall or window frame. Inside the pole there is a spring that pushes toward the ends to hold the rod in place. The rods are available in wide range of colors and materials, and the hangers can be quite decorative and these rods are sometimes called as tension rods.

Magnetic Rods:
Magnetic rods will have strong magnets in both the ends that will hold up most door curtains. These are specially invented for the metal doors and the rod runs through a sleeve on the curtain, and installation consists of just sticking it on the door exactly where it is needed.

These rods add beauty tot he curtains as well as hotel d├ęcor, hence selection of these rods should be made carefully.

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